6th Annual Teaching Pros Tennis Tourmament

All are invited to the 6th Annual Teaching Pros Tennis Tournament, a fundraising event for the teaching pros and ball boys of both La Terraza Tennis Club and La Romana Country Club. The event pits the teaching pros from both clubs for the bragging rights as to who is the best player in Casa de Campo. The event begins on March 10th at La Terraza and continues to the final on March 13th at 4:00 pm at La Romana Country Club.

Last year a record RD$1.05 million was raised, which is used to award prize money to all players in the tournament, scholarships for ball boys and ongoing English classes for the players and ball boys. To make a donation please make your check payable to McDaniel Family Foundation and deliver to Emilio Vasquez at La Terraza or Tom Wahl at the Country Club. Checks are tax deductible in the Dominican Republic and should be, pending approval, U.S. tax deductible for the year 2011.

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