Record Fundraising for McDaniel Tournament

Tennis Tournament

The event is the brainchild of long time Casa de Campo villa owner Rick McDaniel, Chairman of the Fundación Familia McDaniel. In just 6 years he has seen the event grow from eight donors and RD$100,000 to last year’s record 87 sponsors and RD$1.2 million. All funds raised by the Fundación are distributed back to the ball boys and tennis players in the form of the prize money, scholarships and English lessons. In addition, shirts and baseball hats are given to all the players and ball boys. The other two events related to the tournament are a thank-you luncheon for sponsors hosted by McDaniel at his villa and the awards ceremony and dinner at La Romana Country Club. The board members are Pablo Green, Stan Couldrey, Harry Moscatello, Tom Wahl, Emilio Vásquez, Adonis Berroa, Helen Wynne, Magdalena Garcia, Lou Gilmore and Rick McDaniel.

CdC in Davis Cup

Arriving at age 13 as a ball boy in La Terraza, the 21-year-old Nolasco is now preparing with longer workouts for the upcoming match against Venezuela. Vasquez added that for more than 25 years Central Romana has been sponsoring the teaching pro players covering all the expenses to participate in national championships. “It would have been practically impossible for us without the company’s help to compete at this level.”

McDaniel Teaching Pros Tournament Announced

The 7th Annual McDaniel Fundraising Tennis Teaching Pros Tournament is set to begin at 9:00 am on Thursday, March 15th at La Terraza Tennis Center. The championship will conclude with the final match at 4:00 pm on Sunday March 18th at the La Romana Country Club followed by an awards ceremony and reception for the players and sponsors. This year’s honorary chairman Helen Wynne will start the finals by serving the first ball to last year’s champion Pedro Nolasco.