Record Fundraising for McDaniel Tournament

Donations totaled RD$1.4 million for the VII Annual McDaniel Foundation Teaching Tennis Pro Tournament held in Casa de Campo this past March. The record amount was a 9% increase over 2011 when a total of 87 individual donors gave RD$1.3 million compared to this year’s 84 donors.

The Foundation’s stated objective is to provide scholarships for the ball boys of the Las Terrazas Tennis Club and of the La Romana Country Club (LRCC). There are currently 24 ball boys in the program starting from 3rd grade until high school graduation. The scholarship covers all school expenses including tuition, books, supplies and uniforms. Ball boys are chosen based on their aptitude both on the courts and at school and they must maintain good grades in order to continue receiving the benefits of the Foundation.

Of the funds raised this year, the Foundation paid out RD$400,000 in prize money while the scholarships and English lessons cost RD$650,000. Other Foundation expenses included promotional items before and during the event. The non-profit has no fixed costs and all work is done on a voluntary basis to ensure that the kids are getting the full benefit of the donations.

For the first time this year, in addition to the individual owners, the event also featured 14 corporate sponsors, which it hopes to increase next year. Rick McDaniel, the long-time villa

owner who established the tournament back in 2006 explained, “In the long run we hope to have most, if not all of the 32 Casa de Campo ball boys in school. Once we have full enrollment in the program as they graduate we will look into providing some sort of aid for their university studies.”  The Foundation also offers free English classes for 60 ball boys and players twice a week.


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