Scholarships and Health Insurance

Our scholarship program supports 30 plus ball boys and includes the following benefits:

Tuition, School Supplies, Uniforms and Transportation.

We now have 12 ball boys who have completed our scholarship program, 2 of which have gone on to graduate from the university. Our purpose is to extend this program to as many students as possible.

English Classes are taught to over 50 ball boys and players twice a week to develop their ability to communicate in English

Health Insurance

All Players have Health Insurance with no required deductible and includes the following attached benefits:

Outpatient Service Coverage

Outpatient Services Unlimited. Payment diffrence per service
Psychiatric and Psychologic Services 80% MF* (25 per year)
Laboratory and X-Rays 80% (unlimited)
Vaccines 80% up to 10 years (within the network)*
Physical Therapy 80% MF* (20 per year)
Outpatient Procedures 80% MF*
Special Studies 80% MF* (unlimited)
Emergencies 100% within the network (80% in case of medical emergency, refund up to RD$1,500 outside the network)

Inpatient Coverage

Hospital Room** 100% (RD$3,000 per day/unlimited)
Inpatient Medicines 100% (unlimited)
Surgery Room 100% MF*
Anesthesia and Disposable Materia 100% MF*
Medical Fees 100% MF*
Laboratory and X-Rays 100% MF*
Special Studies 100% MF*
Intensive Care Unit 100% (RD$5,000 per day/unlimited)

Maternity Coverage

Normal Delivery 100% MF*
Caesarian 100% MF*
Legal Abortion 100% MF*
Medical Fees 100% MF*
Newborn Babies 100% (up to RD$125,000)

Other Coverages

Major Illnesses RD$50,000
Land Ambulance Included
Limit by case RD$350,000

MF* List of Medical Fees
Unlimited coverages are included on the limit by case calculations.
** Hospital Room – optional amounts of RD$3,500 and RD$3,800